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Blue Footed Booby Pair, GalapagosTwo Boobies in Mating Dance, GalapagosBlue Footed Booby and ChickAlbatross Wings, GalapagosAlbotross Pair, GalapagosFrigit Bird in Flight, GalapagosSally Lightfoot Crab, GalapagosMarine Iguanas, GalapagosTortoises, GalapagosSharing the Beach, GalapagosSea Lion & Pup,  Galapagos 2Sea Lion & Pup, Galapagos 1Cusco Statue, PeruMonkey on Porch, PeruParrot on Tripod, PeruTwo Llamas, PeruLlama in Andes, PeruLlama 2, PeruLlama 3, PeruWorkers digging Potatoes in Field, Peru